Mihai Ionut MARIN
Sr UX Designer
Mihai Ionut MARIN
Sr UX Designer

Case Study: Redesign Insurance Quote & Buy Journey

  • Client: AXA Insurance
  • Date: Mar 2018
  • Category: UX

Redesign Quote & Buy Journey for AXA Travel insurance

The Brief

As a result of the Travel Quote & Buy journey not being fully mobile optimised, it was becoming harder for customers to access and use the product.

Usually being a positive thing having massive amounts of available data was actually a challenge as I needed to sort it in order to discover insightful patterns that could be leveraged in the redesign.

The agreed approach was to redesign the travel product in order to be consistent with the rest of AXA products, branding guidelines and compliance requirements.

My Contribution

  • Problem definition. After identifying the key stakeholders, I started engaging with them in order to clearly identify the business goal we were trying to achieve. By finding out more about why there is a need to do a complete redesign of the journey from their perspective was helpful and brought great insights that influenced the design approach.
    The main challenge was the inconsistency between products and outdated look and feel.

image of the old travel insurance quote and buy page

  • Observation. My process continued with observing and identifying the users who will ultimately use the product: the end receipients of the redesigned journey. In order to achieve this, I used Google Analytics and Decibel. Also got involved in the day-to-day business activities by listening to the calls received in the call center in order to learn more about customers pain points. Additionally, I performed a competitors’ analysis to identify how other similar organisations are presenting their travel insurance products.
  • Workshop. To understand more thoroughly the travel insurance customer journey I led a workshop with key stakeholders and call center agents. The main objective was to make my stakeholders think and act like their own customers so that they identify themselves the pain points and improvement opportunities. I structured the workshop in two parts:
    • Ad-hoc persona. Define a persona based on what you know about a particular type of user. This persona was used as a design tool in the second part of the workshop.image of a ad-hoc persona
    • Customer journey map – role-play earlier defined personas to deconstruct user experience using the old travel product.image of customer journey map
    • Ideation. The last step was brainstorming. This was done based on what my conclusions from the previous steps. I collaborated with the Design team and Stakeholders to uncover other possible insights. This meant that the new travel product has been designed to provide a high level of familiarity to the user and address the human need of orderliness while keeping the information succinct yet comperhensive.
      During this step I have also delivered mockups and wireframes to illustrate the ideas and tested them locally in quick guerilla testing sessions.
    • Prototyping. I developed multiple sketches, wireframes and hi-fi prototype.
    • Usability Testing. The prototype has been tested in the lab with 7 participants. Based on the usability session I managed to make a couple of tweaks to the prototype before entering in production.


  • Axure Hi-fi prototype. Please see bellow a deliverable example.image of the new quote and buy journey

Results & Business Impact

  • Based on analytics, I concluded that users interact better with the new travel insurance product
  • This new travel product performed better than the previous one in terms of numbers of sales, leading to double digit increase in sales.

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