Mihai Ionut MARIN
Sr UX Designer
Mihai Ionut MARIN
Sr UX Designer

Case Study: Redesign suppliers component

  • Client: Rentalcars.com
  • Date: Nov 2015
  • Category: UX

Rentalcars.com – search results: Add suppliers logos to supplier filter

The Brief

Adding suppliers’ logos to the search results filter in order to contribute to the user experience as a whole. This should give users more control over their filtering options. Also it would improve the experience of choosing a supplier by introducing a visual aid. The objective was to reduce friction and to have booking interactions without complications.

What I Did

  • Problem definition. The users didn’t engage enough with the supplier filter and could not find quickly enough the specific supplier they are looking for.
  • Observation. My process continues with observing analytics and identifying the users who will be using the solution. I found out how users interact with the suppliers filter based on analytics results. Additionally, using user testing results, I have collected insights concerning usage of the supplier filter. Users have two options: “reading the text” or looking at the logos. The supplier logo is still the primary actor. It allows for much better brand recall. Also it reduces the time when customers are trying to find a specific supplier. As such, viewing the logos makes use of the users “scanning” through ability which is quicker than “reading” full texts.
  • Ideation. Brainstorming ideas based on what I found during the previous two steps: observation and problem definition. I made several possible visualisations of the supplier filter accompanied by their respective logos.
    image of a low fidelity wireframe
  • Prototyping. I developed several prototype versions of the accepted ideas and also integrated HTML.


  • Mockups, wireframes;
  • Hi-fi prototypes.

image of a high fidelity prototype

Results & Business Impact

The experiment is currently fully implemented. The next step is to add a number of available cars for each supplier.

  • Important business metrics: after being A/B tested with users, it became a successful experiment with higher click through rate;
  • The supplier filter with logos outperforms the previous non-logos version on conversion rate with more than 10%.

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